Help with hit-confirming, though more specifically in 3rd Strike

Sorry if I should be using the search bar. I typed “hit confirm” at the top right in the search bar, and it brought up a bunch of threads that appeared to be unrelated.

Anyways, so here’s my question.

How can I practice hit confirming normals into supers/specials easier? More specifically, when you try to hit confirm something fast, like Dudley’s into his SA3?

It just baffles me as to how people look like they throw out a random poke, hit with it, and super immediately after it. Are they buffering the motion of the super before the normal even hits? Are they negative edging as well?

I ask because whenever I try to hit confirm into a super, I find that I don’t have enough time to enter the command for the super off of such a fast attack, like a s.lp with Necro into SA3. Instead, I usually jab two or more times in a row while I try to buffer the input for the super.

Please, help a beginner out.


I’m not great at it, but for example Ken’s xx super, I do :d: + :mk: :df: :r: :d: :df: :r: release :mk: piano :hk: :mk: :lk: .

Go into training mode in SF3 (If you have the game on PS2), set the dummy to random block, and start practicing with your hit confirms =]

To start off, try to see if you can get off 5 hitconfirms into SA in a row without messing up on random block. Then when it gets easier just add s’more.

Alrighty. I had a feeling that buffering the command, hitting with the normal or not, and negative edging were the way to go.

Thank you guys very much! I’ll try my best.

And Azn, I play it on GGPO. So the closest to training I could have is to have two controllers. One standing still, haha.

…if you can hit-confirm off of one jab or short into Super, then you have some godlike reaction speed. Usually those cases are seen when the player has a guaranteed punishment situation into Super, or is just flat-out guessing. Kokujin and Ike are notorious for random cr.LP->Supers…and having them connect ALL THE TIME. I guess it’s about training your opponent in this case and having your mindgames pay off.

Usually you aim to hitconfirm off of certain moves that give enough hitstun for you to see it connect. In the case of Necro, his b.MP(or even his st.MP if you can see it) or his MK(the knee…I forget if it’s cl.MK or b.MK, it’s been a while since I’ve played Necro). As for how to input the command during hitconfirms, usually if you’re quick enough you can just input the motion right when you see it. If you can’t do that, then hit your poke, buffer the command and if you see it connect, then press punch/kick. As for combos like cr.LKx2…I’m not sure. I usually input the motion when I see the first cr.LK connect and finish after the second LK…then hit punch/kick again.

In the case of Ken’s cr.LKx2 -> SA3
:d:+:lk:, :qcf:, :d:+:lk:, :qcf:+:k:
I do this after reacting to the first cr.LK connecting. If it doesn’t connect, then I just do cr.LKx2 without inputting the QCF motion.

Usually people negative edge their confirms into Super by drumming, in the case of links. The timing can be hard for certain links, so doing technically six button inputs(drumming the three buttons, then releasing them) gives you a better chance than two.

That’s kind of the gist of hitconfirming. This is really something you have to build up on your own, since you’re LOOKING for that move to connect without guessing into Super. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it down 100%. :slight_smile:

Either that or you hit-confirm off of longer block strings or combos. Say that you’re playing Q, you do a jumping roundhouse, standing close forward, strong dash punch. You have three hits to recognize whether your opponent has blocked the jumping attack, or has been hit, or if you whiffed the jumping attack or your opponent parried it and so on.

If your opponent gets hit by the jumping roundhouse then you continue with the standing forward, strong dash punch part of the sequence, then tack on a SAI after the dash punch. If the opponent blocks the jumping roundhouse you can stop the block string at that point, or after the standing forward, or after the dash punch, and go for a command throw or some other option. You have three moves where you can check yourself to see if the sequence is being blocked or is connecting. There is plenty of time to recognize a hit or block and then react accordingly.

I would recommend training yourself by hit confirming through long block strings before you work on hit confirming off of single moves. And like others have said, training mode in PS2 AE is invaluable, pick up a copy of that game if you want to practice 3S hit confirming or parrying.

sorry, but what’s negative edging? I searched and this thread came out on top

Letting go of the button, alot of games allow supers/specials to work when you let go of the button as well as press it making timing things easier.

they are always buffering either one or 2 qcf’s
they are usually not hit confirming off a single light attack. maybe humanly possible in some cases but its near the limit i think.

you can also do interesting things with hit confirming sometimes.
when i played 3s i could hit confirm between elena’s overhead 214MP on block and her 214lk+MK on hit by training myself to hold down the MP to throw the normal while buffering the qcb and than pressing the kicks if it hits and if not i lift my hand up and the negative edge gives me the overhead.
aside from getting used to the new hand position it wasn’t much harder than just hit confirming into the ex spin kick. Don’t know how many people other than me did this or how many characters it is useful for but its an interesting use of the concept that i havent really heard anyone else talk about.

Actually, I’m quite glad to hear you guys say that it isn’t common to hit confirm off of jabs and the like. That always did seem somewhat absurd to me. However, wouldn’t it be possible to buffer, for example, down, down-forward, forward, normal attack, then second the first motion into a super hit confirm?

Some of these things might be hard because I play on a pad. This one, actually:

^Is that even a good pad? I go back and forth from using just my right hand thumb, and trying to use my right hand over all the buttons as if it were a stick.


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  • That might work for certain characters like Alex and Q, but for low hits you need to either do QCF, d.P/K,DF,F+P/K, or D+P/K, DF,F->QCF+P/K.

  • Oh maaaaan, the Nubytech pad…just be glad you’re not playing on the PS2/XBox with that or you’ll get random pauses a lot. And I personally despise those pads for that reason, as well as the fact that I never really liked the Genesis-style six-button layout for fighters because of PPP/KKK inputs. Of course I’m a stick user, but I’d recommend the PSX controller the most. Not the PS2 either, I mean the old PSX, either with or without the analog sticks because the motion inputs feel more responsive.

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best way to hitconfirm imo is to watch their health bar in your peripheral vision and buffer the input during the normal. if you see any movement at the top of the screen, you hit your button. if you don’t see any, then don’t press it. i don’t know anything about third strike but your reactions are more or less hard coded, you’ll only be able to get so fast. if the hit stop on the move plus the active frames is more than 10 (which gives you over .16 seconds which isn’t inhuman, especially if it’s clutch) you can probably hit it with practice.

another “hit confirm” technique is to poke out of your own range and buffer the whole motion with pressing the button and all. and if your opponent happens to walk or dash into the poke, they will eat a super.

its commonly used with Ryu or Ken’s
could also explain kokujin’s hit confirm