Help with hit confirming

Whats up im new to street fighter and fighting games in general but damn im getting addicted. I recently got a se stick and have been putting a lot of time in practicing. One thing im really having trouble with is following up a hit confirm. Say after two LP I can never follow up with a light tats to string together a combo. Is there some kind of method to do this easier because I can’t seem to find the right moment to pull this off. I know most of you are just gonna say PRACTICE but maybe you could just give me a pointer or two to help me get the timing down.

read the difference between links and chains.

Sry messed up original post

Alright man…I had this problem when I first started playing akuma…But I now hit confirm into my BnB combos 100% of the time…


And i’ll be nice and answering your question rather than saying look it up like some people because the other gouki players did the same for me…

A chain are 3 consecutive normal attacks…these have NOTHING TO DO with special moves IE: tatsus, SRKs, Messiah kicks etc…

And example of this is light attacks…say you jump in with a fierce punch and do 4 jabs…the moves are all normals and all combine into a chain of attacks…

SECOND is a LINK…links with akuma tend to usuallly go into his light tatsu…For example…fierce punch into tatsu
If you do this you notice the transition from the punch to tatsu is very fast…that because you CANCELLED the HP into the tatsu AKA: A Link… You can do this with almost every normal move with akuma…IE: lp --> tatsu, mp–> tatsu etc.

Now the trick is to not chain combos into your BNB of choice…So instead of pressing jab really fast and trying to go into his tatsu you must time it…

Basically the best example is 3 light punches into light tatsu into SRK…time it out…( lp…lp…lp BAM TATSU) …the last LP has to directly LINK into the tatsu…if that makes sense…First practice with 2 LPs first then try getting the third…Instead of pressing it like (LP. LP. LP) which presses all lps at the same space of time in between (chain) give a litte leeway between the secon lp and third lp and right when the last lp hits cancel it into the tatsu…

This is very hard to teach with words but give it a try and let me know if you need more help…I’ll be more than happy to help in more detail…:tup:

Stebalo7 words cannot express my gratitude right now. I’m in training mode right now and right after reading what you wrote I hit the 3 jab tatsu on the first try. I’m getting it about 50% of the time now as opposed to NEVER.

Thank you for taking the time to write that all out for me instead of sending me on a chase all over the internet.

No problem dood glad i could help a fellow gouki player…i remember how frustrating it was for me…This will help your SF game dramatically :tup:

Jesus man I just did it lp lp lk tatsu, you really just made my day. This would of taken me forever ive been at this pretty much all day on and off trying to figure it out.

You should try starting the combo with because if your opponent is blocking standing the will hit because it has to blocked low, and you get a free combo.

sorry but most of stebalo7’s wording was wrong. the principles are correct but you’re gonna get mauled around here unless you refer to everything correctly. I appreciate you helping people though stebalo.

We have 2 things you can do with attacks.

  2. LINK

cancelling: the HP to tatsu is a cancel. You canceled the hp recovery into a tatsu. Simple enough? You can only cancel ONCE in a combo UNLESS…

you LINK: Timing certain moves together so that you can extend your combo and end with a cancel. ok so as an example, lk(link) lp(link) lp(CANCEL) tatsu >> HP SRK.

certain moves link (eh. mp, s.fp) some do not (mk, s.fp) I suggest looking at trags combo list to find out which do and don’t.

by the way, the reason why you cant mash lp and then cancel into an srk is because lp and lk are the only moves that cancel into each other so technically you are taking up that “cancelability”

(For the more seasoned players, I know that you can cancel the first couple light attacks then link the one b4 the cancel into the special, It’s just easier to explain this way.)

Oh lol…Well that’s what i’ve been told…But i’m sure you’re correct…Thanks for the correction…as long as the point is there though…Right? lol

99problems thanks for making the correction. I pretty much understand now thanks for that, i’ll be reading up more about chains and links.

Stebalo7 all I was really hoping to get out of this thread was pretty much this …time it out…( lp…lp…lp BAM TATSU). But thanks to both of you for also explaining why.