Help with hori ex2 breakaway cable

Hello all, I just received a Hori EX2 which I purchased off ebay. Problem is the guy did not include the breakaway cable to use the USB connection on my 360. I tried searching around to find a replacement but had no such luck.

Is there any way to get this controller functioning? I’m somewhat handy, but do not trust myself soldering if I don’t have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You do not have another Xbox 360 Controller to use the Breakaway from?

Nope! I never owned a wired 360 controller, didn’t realize that it was a standard adapter. So is it safe to say that I can pick up any wired 360 controller and get this breakaway?

That’s right.

Thank you very very much. Saved me some headache.

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I can confirm that’s totally correct. My wired offical Xbox controller fits the EX2 I used to have as well as the 360 TE I have.

Thanks guys, the local Microcenter actually sold an adapter for 5 bucks that actually extended the cable another 6 feet, which was actually quite nice.