Help With Hori EX2 USB Cable Connector


I messed up the port that connects the cable coming from the base on my Hori EX2 to the USB “breakaway” cable for the Xbox 360 and the fight stick no longer can connect to the 360. I wanted to bypass the the broken port by cutting off the 2 ports and just soldering the 2 wires together so it’s basically just one long cable from the EX2 to the USB port as opposed to two. My question is will this work?

If pictures or further explanation is needed feel free to ask away.


Instead of wiring to the existing cord, I say just buy a 15 ft usb cable and replace the whole thing. If you open up your stick you will see the usb ends in a black, white, green and red cable. Take a picture and make a drawing of where the wire went and what colors. Solder the old cable out and clip the B end of the cable and solder it on there. The second black cable isn’t needed if it is there, it is redundant.


thank god!