Help with Hot Glue/Guns

what type of hot glue/guns should i be using for electrical pcb work?

i just want to cover some parts of the pcbs where i bee soldering on with some of that hot glue

also will hot glue structurally hold a joystick box together?
or should i throw some nail in the joystick box too?

ok now where do all ya’ll get your hot glue/guns at?
looks like radioshack dont’ carry that stuff anymore

thanks my people :bgrin:

Hot glue is pointless on soldering. It just makes desoldering shit a mess.

You can grab a hot glue gun at Wal-mart in the craft section. You can probably get the gun and a big bag of glue sticks for less that $10.
Hot glue is not meant for structural applications. Use wood glue, Gorilla glue, Liquid Nails, or some other heavy duty glue for holding a joystick box together.

man! i never used hot glue before, but i’ve been hear about how people put that stuff over their soldering joints. i never thought about getting it off though :confused:

wth? even with a good solder joint you still can have a wire come up. it will just rip up the trace. hot glue is very useful no matter who is hacking the controller.

I’m a noob on this so I want to know, that if you don’t want to solder you can you used hot glue instead does it stick to pcb, also if you used hot glue instead of solder do the arcade stick work only for a while? Is it the same if you used glue or solder on your pcbs.

Hot glue over soldering points is bad, mmmkay?

I use hot glue only when I fucked up my soldering joint.

It happens sometimes that you heat the joint too much, and the metal little plate starts comming off the PCB… you can add a drop of hot glue there to keep the metal and the PCB together and to avoid any stress on the joint when pulling/moving the wire. But if the sodlering job is well done, you should not need it.

No. … it can NOT in any case “replace” soldering. just forget about this idea.

imo, soldered joints (regardless of application) often benefit from a stress relief. you can achieve that many different ways - but i don’t think its that bad to use hot glue. however, anyone who does use it should be aware of the consequences (as listed above).

They make a hot glue designed for wood. I’ve never tried it, seems like it wouldn’t be thin enough to work properly. Just an fyi ;).

As for hot glue on pads. I try not to put it on the solder point itself, just up the wire a little ways to keep the wire from getting jerked and pulling the trace off the board. Only when using larger wire though.

these controller pcbs that we solder to are not made to take it. they have an extremely thin piece of metal trace that will peal up if given a slight tug. its happened to me a couple of times before. if we were talking about anything else than a controller pcb i would agree with you 100% but on this subject im going to have to disagree

IMO hot glue on pads is a double edge sword, if applied properly it can help hold soldered joints from being ripped out BUT if one comes under the glue your pretty much screwed so its like “use at your own risk”

as far as using hot glue gun to hold a box together, thats low tier crap work. wood glue and dowels will do just fine and it’ll hold a hell of a lot tighter too.

I find that hot glue over solder points helps protect against accidentally ripping off the wire but if I purposely want to take the hot glue off it comes out quite quickly and cleanly but then again I haven’t had to take off hot glue too often.

thanks guys for the info.

Truth… Hot glue’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.

i use shoe goo instead of hot glue. its basicly the same thing but it comes up a ton easier.

I personally use hot glue. My thing is, I make sure the solder is really really good, IE I can pull almost near tearing the traces, I actually have tore a few! Then I apply the glue thats not really needed, over it so it becomes a shield so the wires can’t move. If properly done, its basically impossible even if you wank really hard for the wires to come out. Thats only done if you really trust your soldering, because I had to remove glue before, I am not perfect, and its super annoying and a mess.

I vote yes for hot glue 2008.

lol. i have a question for some of u guys.

i have a really good soldering iron that gets extremely hot. when it is turned up the tip starts to get discolored and stops holding solder. i have retinned the tip but it does it again. is there anything i can do to make the tip stop doing that.

Make sure you aren’t using any acid core solder. I went through like 3 tips one time before I figured out I bought the wrong solder LOL

nope its rosin core. ive done that before also lol