Help with how to Shut Ryu and blanka Down with Chun- [ST]

Basically I want to stop his fireball game and and meter building, so I need some poking advice to ensure that I maintain control and so that I can scare him into not doing anything stupid. Also, I’d like to be able to bait srk without jumping or risking landing on a fireball. I guess I could set up a low poking pattern or something. For the fireballs I typically will try to get in close and pull a st. mk, which would hit him if he did it. Backing in and out with this and stand mp would work in theory and possibly bait out an srk or set up a walk up throw or hk knockdown.

Blanka is especially hard for me. He can get in so close so quickly and his gimmicks really put a hurt on you. I can throw fireballs and whiff jabs to sort of scare a Blanka into not forward rolling, and jump lk a little to not up-roll as much, but then he starts building meter and I have to do something about that, or just wait for him to super and hope I can jump over it and knock him down. Getting him to jump and land on a fireball would seem like a viable option but I would have to make him do it first. I wanna know how to keep the pressure on this electric green ape too, so that I have control, no him.

Also faced a really good ken today who seemed like he was doing a lot of subtle mind games to throw me off. I don't know too many with Chun, and I will need to for tournaments etc if one comes up near my area. Wake up (okizeme) stuff would be neat. So far I can st hp, do c mk c hk to knock down again, or just mess with em with fireballs suffers and try a throw. Occasionally I can do an overhead d. mp or instant n. air hk, or df hk.

And does chun have certain meaty normals? or can all of em do that? I think c mk is one.

Can I get some help please?

Chun Li thread is the correct place to post. Gotta pay attention, my friend. I’ll post in the correct thread when I get back from work.