Help With HRAP 3 Please

Howdy. Watching the vids from the recent EVO2010 tourney has reunited my love affair with fighters. Though i’m a greybush now, I can fondly remember my halycon days of playing Street Fighter Alpha on my PS1, before the weight of the world crushed my soul.

Anyways, having picked up a copy of SSFIV and ordered an HRAP 3 off of Amazon, i’m interested in swapping out the square restrictor plate with an octagonal one and replacing the ball top joystick with a bat.

I’m not so much interested in a tutorial (there are plenty to be found here) so much as what specific parts i’d need to order from Lizard Lick. I know I need a GT-Y gate, but what else will I need? Thanks for any and all help.

Sanwa LB-30N.
Thread Adapter.

Great. Thanks a lot buddy, it’s appreciated.