Help with infinite



i’ve seen two infs with mm…

j.lp, lp, hp, land midscreen and corner


super buster, repeat…

the firstone, i can get in the corner, but when i try midscreen, they fly away…

and what’s a good setup? i’ve been using psylocke aaa to set it up

and teh second one… i HAVE NO IDEA how to do, because they charge like, 5/6 hit super buster in less time than a 3 hit, and the animation on MM isn’t even charging.

if i can find a video for either, i will



I can’t help you with getting a video, the midscreen IS possible but much more difficult, I have done it but could never get more then 12 hits. I try not to focus too much on the infintes cause there is really no good way to set them up besides Psy AAA. Other things work but arent practicle. As for that second infinte, im not trying to sound like an ass but I have made a thread in that regard that those HP infintes always reqiure a glitch.


ok thanks…

and with the video, i have it, and what i meant was if some1 needed to see what i was talking about with the second one, then i’d show them the video.

thanks again.