Help with instant toe taps



Hello Seth pros

I am a Cody player and recently picked up Seth as an alternate. I just completed 22 out of 24 of his trials. I’m having trouble doing his instant toe taps after cr.HP(2hits)xxLP shoryu and after spin kicks in the corner. Is there a special way or trick to doing the toe taps the instant you leave the ground?

Also, I play using a keyboard, so the speed of dialing is not an issue.

Any help/tip is much appreciated.


No, there’s no special technique to doing it. You just need to learn the timing. Try holding :uf: and doing :d:+:mk: as soon as Seth leaves the ground.


That is precisely what I’m doing. The first toe tap just doesn’t come out up until the opponents chest/shoulder height. By that time they’ve already hit the ground.


That means that you’re pushing the button too late. Start pressing the button earlier and earlier. Or you could try waiting until you see that Seth has recovered from his move and quickly move from :uf: to :d:+:mk:. That’s what I (and most other players probably) have done since I learned the timing.


It worked. I guess holding up forward was making me react slower or something. Dialing it like Rufus’ instant dive kick right after Seth recovers did the trick. Thanks.


Depending on how tall the character is, you can even just do toe taps in the corner by pressing: :u: :d:+:mk:.

Works on Zangief, Sagat, Ryu, Bison, and some others. Only if you’re at the closest position to the corner possible after bulletkick.


Muscle Memory.

It just comes to you eventually.


I do it by holding up forward long before Seth recovers as to make sure I get off the ground as fast as possible. Then the only timing I needed to learn was when to switch from up forward to down.


So I’m not the only one? It took all of you guys a while to get the timing down as well?


When I first dabbled with Seth I could do it about 1/5 tries. I got kinda pissed off with miss-timing it so much.

But then, after a while you can kind of do it without thinking. I can’t offer specific tips other than that you *will *be able to do it all the time with no problems after a while, just keep at it and the timing will “Click”


That was actually the first thing I learned with Seth. I sat in training mode for like 2-3 hours doing j.HP, cr.HP xx Legs Toetaps over and over and over and over and over. And it still took me much longer than that to master 'em on both sides.


It was pretty straightforward for me, so I got it after a few minutes.


hold :uf: ~ :d::mk:

The only character you should be having trouble with after 15 minutes is Guy. You have to hold forward after landing Hyakuretsukyaku for a few frames and this takes quite a bit of practice. Other characters (Cammy, Viper, Rose, etc.) you just let them fall down a little before you jump.

Hitting stomps after DP is usually very easy. Sometimes you have to use variations of DP, but you just hold :uf: into :d::mk:. Dunno how to give you advice here if you can’t do it 80% of the time after 30 minutes.


The timing is starting to click. I can easily do legs into toe taps 80% of the time now. Thanks for all your comments/tips guys.

Seems as if you have to do it faster on smaller characters (e.g. dhalsim, sakura) otherwise the second or third tap might not connect. But that’s easy enough.

As far as doing toe taps after cr.HPxxDP goes, I was able to do it pretty easily in trial mode. Haven’t really given it a go in training or match. If I ever land cr.HP, I usually do EX Tanden combos instead.


There’s one character I’ve always had trouble/hated whiffing toe taps on more than any other, and that’s Cammy. That little bitch inspires people to uppercut like there is no tomorrow, and her sexy, slender body makes me whiff more than 50% of the time.

Bitch needs to get preggo so she’s got a bigger hit box.


On floaty characters I know you have to actually time the taps:


(Some guys on a poongko video saw he couldn’t do stomps on Guy consistently so they all jumped on board of the idea that you can’t do stomps on Guy)

Also learning cr.HP xx LP DP, stomps is pretty essential (in my opinion, it’s free damage if you don’t have meter). Also learn cr.HP xx LP DP x 2, stomps for characters like Guy because LP DP x1 legitimately won’t work on some people.


on guy lp dpx1 is working, but on guile lp dpx2 is necessary, from my experience. hakan cody adon and dudley need mp dpx1, 2 stomps divekick

also, on which characters other than el fuerte hp dpx2, 2 stomps, divekick work ?