Help with JLW on TE

Hey guys, I need a little help with this JLW stick. I tried connecting it to the stock 360 TE “S” PCB. I just connected the up, down, left, right wires to the same points that the JLF was plugged into using the same method that Shinjin used on his youtube. The other end of the wires are connected to the stick using the 187 qd’s. I have one ground wire chained to all the ground qd pins on the stick and then it is connected to the ground point on the plug on the pcb.

So my problem is that it works fine in up, down and left but when I hit right, it keeps going right as if I have the stick held in the right position.

What did I do wrong? Any ideas? I’d appreciate any help I can get. Forgive my noobieness.:shy:

Here is one attachment because stupid photobucket is bugging out today.

um you shouldn’t have put a jlw in the te in the first place.

Okay. I know a lot of people don’t like the jlw. Seriously though, can someone help?

Here is pic number 2.

switch the qds to a different micro switch any see if it happen in a different direction.
if it doesnt the micro switch might be bad.

I thought the jlw was the same as the jlf just without the board?

God no - they’re about as different as joysticks can get. They have different microswitches, JLW’s have metal pivots, and are physically bigger. If you ever get the chance to try both out, they also feel very different.

You’re thinking of the JLF-TM.

Does the JLW have a common ground PCB?

Here is pic number 3.

There is no PCB version of Sanwa JLW.

Pictures please.


I will upload some pics tomorrow.

In the meantime, I tried connecting the qd to different prongs. You know, just switching them to different switches. It looks like one of the switches is bad because no matter where I plug it in, I always get one direction spazzing out. FYI- this is what I did to connect each direction with a wire to the pcb. The other end of the wires had .187 QD’s. It starts at the 4 minute mark.

I’ll update tomorrow.

JLW is a Sanwa interpretation of an american stick.

I updated with pics. I hope someone can help. Photobucket isn’t working so I had to provide pics as attachments.

you have the QDs on the wrong prongs on some of the microswitches. needs to be on the prong labeled “NO” (Normaly Open) and “COM” (ground). you need to make sure the ground wires are on the prongs labeled “COM”.

here’s a pic of what I mean:

Thanks so much for helping Digital. So I changed the prongs to make them like the correct one. It seems to work but it still moves to the right occasionally. Not as bad as before where it stayed in the right position. It just will move in the right position by it self once in a while.

Sounds very weird, it could be something fishy inside of one of the switches. Remove the restrictor and swap the right switch with another and see if Right is still the iffy input.

Also, the JLW is a fine stick, whats with the random hate :]

i love the jlw. nice to see that it fits in the te. i had issues with my ls-40

No problem man.

Lefty, you should be able to replace one of the microswitches with the bad contact on it.

Yeah, I ordered new switches from lizardlick just now.