Help with joystick ( stick is moving 1-2 seconds longer )


Hello I’ve recently bought CROWN 303-FK KOREAN JOYSTICK CLEAR WHITE and I’m having a issue where the stick would move towards the direction but even after my hands are off the stick it would still go to that direction 1 - 2 seconds longer.

Also anyone having issue moving UP LEFT , UP RIGHT ? cause when ever i move UP RIGHT OR UP LEFT 30% of the time it would only register the UP movement .

If anyone can help ty!


it sounds like one of your microswitches is sticking. The crowns are really tight and harder to hit diagonals until the rubber is broken in.


Mine stuck a bit at first, the problem went away after an hour or so of use.


I haven’t used a crown before (used fanta though). It would seem that softer rubber would make it stick, not harder. wouldn’t you think? at any rate, I hear @wazwuz is the guy to talk to for custom crown rubbers.


Crown sticks are infamous for inconsistency along the production line.

Suffice to say, his experience with this particular 303-FK may be different from the experiences we have all had.

I would say ensure it was installed properly, try breaking it in for a few days, if all else fails, try returning it.


I have bought the Crown upgrade kit from @wazwuz and it is good. I would get medium rubber, hard is really REALLY hard. Literally hurts your wrist after an extended play. The upgraded microswitches did make it easier to hit diagonals.

@frostydb pull the crown apart make sure nothing is sticking, it is all seated correctly etc. If youre not sure take pics and post them here.


@niku13 ty for mentioning sticky T___T now i just feel totally stupid. I thought vaseline will lube the stick so when i was installing it, i lubed it with vaseline. Now I found out where the stickyness was coming from. However in the process of taking the stick apart. The E-Ring just flew somewhere in my room and is no where to be seen.


I don’t think you want to use vaseline. Something about it eroding the plastic\rubber. I think you want this stuff:


Vaseline is petroleum based and will act as a solvent for many plastics.
Petroleum products will melt/erode many plastics

You want to use a non-petroleum, non-water and non-conductive lubricant for joysticks, preferably “dry” silicone based grease and Molycote 44 fits the bill.