Help with kaillera with mame!

i got a new computer… had to do a full system recovery and havent had net for 6 months… well im trying to get back into playing mame online but im having some trouble… i got mame 32k .64 and got some roms and they play just fine… however when i go to play on kaillera no servers show up so im assuming it is down??? or is there some thing im needing that i may not have??? any thing yall suggest to download or suggest to do id appreciate all the help.

  1. kaillera servers suck, use p2p
  2. mame sucks, use nFBA
  3. read the first stick thread

Nfba Is the way of teh walk amigo. Go here and in the doanload section get the first to links. Read the first few posts of the Super Sundays thread for a getting started guide.

What game do you play because you owe me some games for teh help. ( seriously )
Judging from the fact that you wanted help for Mame 0.64 I’m guessing you’re not a 3s head.
Look over the nFBA thread for more good info.

what i use to play before was just the mortal kombats, marvel vs. capcom, street fighter alpha 3 some times, and a few beat em up side scrollers like the simpsons and tmnt turtles in time.

Fuck playing alpha 3 and MvC1 on Kaillera. Play them on GGPO.