Help with Kara-spider sting into web throw



Hey guys. I’ve been trying to get some of his combos down and I’ve been having a hard time with any combo involving a Kara sting into web throw. I can get it sometimes but very rarely. I was wondering if there’s tips out there to help improve that particular link. Im not sure if I’ve been doing the spider bite too late or if I’m not doing the web throw fast enough. Lemme know what you guys think.


So are you getting the Kara sting and just missing the web throw or are you having problems with Kara sting as well?

I blame it on Airborne… shrug


I got the Kara sting down. But i keep missing the throw. After the spider sting does it matter when you do the h followup or does it have to be at the earliest possible moment?


Earliest possible moment. When you see Spidey coming down from the sting go neutral then input the web throw. I usually tiger knee the input to get myself slightly more room for it to come out but this is how I do it.

I blame it on Airborne… shrug


Hi Z. What is the secret to the Kara c.H that moves spidey forward? I tried listening in on your commentary, but in training I wasn’t getting it. Is it cancel c.H early into Spider Sting? Or were you wave dashing it? That move just doesn’t seem like it moves Parker forward. Since I couldn’t get the cross up of the spidersting, I attempted to get the throw down from the bite, and I can’t get it consistently. I’ll get a rhthym and do it a bunch of times…then my hands just slow down and I miss it all the time. But what you said above yes. I have less trouble with nailing the throw then I do the cross-up.


yeah the beginning of crH moves him forward slightly, so you start the crH and cancel into spider sting in the beginning of crH

connecting the web throw link after spider bite is height dependent. i’m still garbage at it and i think it’s not worth it.


I suppose it really matters where you place Spider-Man in your team. Anchor Spidey seems to really need these cross up webthrows to be damaging. However I tested out the lvl 3 xfactor web throw infinite. It isn’t that hard; just time consuming… I am also curious to see more videos of Spidey doing lvl 3 xfactor combos.


anchor spiderman is REALLY not worth it - poor dhc’s and assists. even if your spiderman gets snapped to the back, should really try to not keep him in the back.


The only reason why anchor Spidey isn’t worth it is because of two reasons:

  1. Spidey burns too much of his X-Factor time with one combo
  2. Anchor Vergils have been on the rise and that MU is super hard without counter-hitting assists

Otherwise, a lot of people around here shouldn’t have a hard time using anchor Spidey, seeing that a lot of people don’t properly call assists around here… /salty


I am having trouble performing kara sting and even when i got it, I never combo the web throw.
some problem i am having:

  1. the Cr.H right before the sting sometime miss
  2. the sting doesn’t cross up
    is there a timing for it?
    when i hit the sting, do i have to H as soon as possible for it to combo web throw?

Thanks for your time