Help with Ken strategy

Well i need help with countless things and its hard to find any good strategy talk about ken since i guess alot of people hate him for spam or because hes over used even though i dont see much of him but anyway i want to start a forum for strategy’s for ken since its hard for a ken player out in the online world.

For example i fought a spam tiger shot sagat and since ken the crappy character that he already is cant keep a good decent rally with hadokens it was hard to get in since jumping in was a no no and focus dashing in is usually punished by another tiger shot.

so anyway yeah thats just one example but i just want people to post good strategys against anything such as a scary blanka player or even post problems that they are encountering so that we can all help each other out. Anyways if your intrested post some good stuff hopefully we can get a good number of people posting on here and make good use of it.

Thank you
p.s my xbox live account is hawkstalker69 if you want to play i always want to have matches with good people so please make time to play a match with me.

Umm… I think… you should post this in the Ken section of the forums, but first read the strategy thread in there first. Go to forums and click street fighters under newbie dojo and character discussions then KEN! ;D