Help With LED mod


I just want my clear seimitsu button(the guide button) to stay lite when the controller is connected. I know the late wired 360 controller is 5v. So what size LED and resistors do I use that is the only thing im unsure of? Also do I just run the 5v and a ground to it? and I take it the resistor go’s between the 5v and the led?


Plenty of videos and tutorials for doing this elsewhere online…

As for what to use…


You’ll want to wire it up in PARALLEL so it would go 5v->resistor->led->ground for each LED. I suggest buying a barrier strip to make it easier/cleaner rather than having to solder 6 or however many resistors you have to the 5v, and the same with ground. You would still use the same resistors/LEDs used in TingBoy’s guide (1/8W 220ohm-2.2kohm depending on how bright you want it to be).