Help with LED modding stick (where to start)

I’ve been really searching for the right LED board for me but I seem to hit dead ends everywhere I go :frowning: I recently purchased a Kaimana but unfortunately, I impulsively bought it and didn’t really you need to know Arduino to use the board. I have looked into the FGWidget, the Remora, I used to have a Sparky (but had no idea what I was doing and dont have it anymore). I like the simplicity of the FGW (being able to set it up directly with the stick, but can you use external LEDs or do they have to be internal?) but can’t seem to find any guides on how to actually wire one up or use it. I saw the Remora and maybe I’m just misunderstanding but its only for MadCatz 360 fightsticks?

Where should I start? What is the easiest to set up and use? I’m not extremely technical savvy (I know how to do basic wire ups and can solder).

I basically want a cylon style setup on idle, a colour on a single button press, and a colour when two buttons at pressed together.

The PCB I have is a PS360+.

Any help I could get would be amazing :frowning: I feel completely lost and have no idea what to do. Any guides I could be directed too would also be of help.

If those 3 are absolute requirements, the FGW LED controller will not work, as it’s not a multi-color LED controller.
I know that the Sparky can and will do what you’re looking for.
I haven’t looked into the Kaimana, and I’m not sure if the Remora will do the “2-buttons-separate-color” feature you’re looking for.

Kaimana is user reprogramable, only limitations are willingness to learn and your own creativity

Try the Kaimana thread, there are folks who if you ask nice will write the script for you and walk you though the process.

@FreedomGundam thanks for your reply. So would you recommend my using the Sparky? And if I do chose to use the Sparky, what kind LEDs would I want to use? Out of the 3, however, what would be the easiest to set up?

@Darksakul I guess I’m just intimidated by programming…

My personal hands-on experience with LEDs is unfortunately limited to just the FGW LED Controller, connected to ArcEye2s. Works best/easiest with single-color LEDs like KNserts and Ulias.

The Remora was designed (physically) to fit within Mad Catz casings (replaces the distro terminal block), but they work on their own outside of Mad Catz sticks as well anyways. But again, I’m not 100% sure whether it can do the “2-buttons-separate-color” function you’re looking for. Best used with ArcEye3s, but can be modded to work with ArcEye2s

The Sparky will do what you want, and I believe it has a fancy GUI used to program it via a computer. I haven’t seen very much activity or discussion on this PCB recently though. You’ll want to use RGB LEDs for this board, but I’m not sure which is the most recommended.

The Kaimana is the newest PCB, and is apparently super-easy to wire up and stuff due to using in indexed LEDs. I unfortunately haven’t looked into other details regarding this board, though. Probably best to use the Kaimana J LED units with it as well. This one’s probably the most recommended board at the moment, both in terms of recent release and in terms of ongoing support. Go check the link that Darksakul posted.

Thank you guys for your help, I really appreciate it.

Don’t be intermediate by programming. Trust me it just takes a little time and patients. You already have a good start being a gamer. Specially a fighting game player.

If(I.Frame > MyOpponent.Frame)

My example kind of assumes you could have frame advantage over your opponent on a throw but honestly if you got what I was saying up there you should be able to program the LED.

I assume the programming for the LED is going to be just a few IF Else statements. If button1 is idle color = cyan if pressed color = purple. etc.

I believe in you specially if you are confident enough to solder. Even if your not I still believe that you could program it :wink:

@NitroFrost I appreciate your support :smiley:

Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, even if its yourself!

@ogrebites dont be intimated with the programming… you have an amazing board to work with already… PM me and we can get it working how you want.

Even though you are new here you seem sincere and anyone that is really looking to learn I feel the requirement to help as much as I can.

@ed1371 thanks so much! I will shoot you a PM tomorrow some time!

Sorry to intrude on this thread but I also have a question regarding the installation of LED lights. Since the Injustice arcade stick bundle was on sale for 40 bucks, I decided to jump the gun and make the purchase so that I can get a better idea on how to mod the stick so that I can use different colored LEDs for each buttons and am planning to purchase Seimitsu buttons. I looked up that the Uila S Flash is basically what I’m looking for as no soldering is required. Only problem is that it’s out of stock on Paradise Arcade, so I was wondering:

  • What would be another good alternative for the Uila S Flash? I have had no experience with messing around with the wires and works of the interior of an arcade stick.

  • How would I also get the joystick to light up as well? I also read up that using a different joystick like a Sanwa or Seimitsu in place of the stock Qanba stick in the Injustice arcade stick would also make me lose out on the LEDs for that.

  • As the thread starter asked, how would I have the buttons glow one color during and idle state and have it glow another color upon pressing the button?

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@MrNyamsies I believe the Injustice sticks LEDs are built into the PCB board. If you decided to use Uilas you would have to buy regular Uilas (or maybe check the trading board for Uila S Flash) and another LED PCB like the Sparky. And just a heads-up, other joysticks dont fit in that case without spacers :confused: I think its a good buy if you want something to practice modding on, but if you’re trying to change the parts and keep the LEDs it comes with, that is going to be a challenge. I believe there is a thread here on tech talk that is all about the Injustice stick, you might find better information there!

Here is the thread

Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

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@ogrebites: Thanks for the info, will look into the other forums!

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