Help with linking normals


Hi, im new here and am looking for some help on linking normals.

Looking at the frame data for akuma, his crouching LK has a +3 frame advantage on hit while his crouching LP has a 3 frame startup. Correct me if im wrong but this should mean it is a one frame link combo.

Comparing this to guile’s crouching LP to crouching MP, where the LP has a +4 frame advantage on hit, and the MP a 4 frame startup, which should also mean its a 1frame link, my question is the link for akuma’s crouching LK to crouching LP is so much easier to execute than Guile’s crouching LP to crouching MP link. is there a reason for this?

Please fill me in on anything I might be missing.
thank you


Muscle memory has a lot to do with it. I’m guessing you play akuma a lot more than you play guile. am i right?
like with Cody I can land t+mp > > cr.hp all day, but I could never ever ever land Sakura’s short shunpukyaku > cr.hp on my life or Rufus’s > cl.hp

plinking will help, also :slight_smile:


you’re not linking the clk to clp. you’re chaining them. that’s why.

try to link 2 of sagats low jabs together or codys stand short to low jab and you’ll see how hard it is.


The window (the time you have) for links is not the same for every character…

spotty, the reason why cr lk > cr lp is balls easy is because you’re chaining them…it’s a system where they let you cut off the current move’s recovery frames and replace it with another normal… I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can mash on jab or link each jab… both will combo, but you’ll notice the time each jab comes out is not the same. You want to think of 1 frame links as those you can’t just press at will, you got to wait for the right time to hit it, this includes plinking.


On a similar topic, also keep in mind that you can’t cancel a chained (i.e. canceled) normal into anything else, so if you’re looking to do a combo such as > c.lp, xx EX Fireball, the to c.lp can be chained (basically done quickly without too much attention to timing), but the c.lp to must be linked with precise timing. This is where plinking can come in handy to give yourself a little more leeway.


for 1 frame links, look up videos on how to p-link, that should help you.


thank you!

ok i get it, i didnt realise the lp could be chained from the lk and for guile it had to be linked. thank you all for the inputs!