Help with linking


In ssf4:

I understand what linking is but I have trouble executing. I’ve read in a few places here that it’s just muscle memory but failing repeatedly seems counter productive if I’m enforcing the muscle memory of executing it incorrectly.

An example that is giving me problems is ryu’s challenge 19: c.MP, c.MP, c.MK, fb, special.

I’ve tried watching a few different things on the screen to get a better idea of the timing, and also tried not watching the screen at all while doing the timing in my head. I can’t do the c.MK consistently and when I do, getting the hadouken to combo is extremely rare.

Is the window to link in this combo just incredibly small?
Would it help if I tried to find frame data for this and other link combos that give me trouble?
Compared to most other links is this one easy/difficult? (to get a better idea of just how poorly I’m executing)
Do you have any advice to learn the timing other than serious amounts of repetition?

I just got the game yesterday so if you were wanting to tell me I suck at the game I’m already aware of that. That’s why I’m here asking questions.


Welcome, hope you enjoy the game so far. > is a 1 frame link, which are hard to get down.

One way to go about it is to use what is called “plinking” What is plinking? - Street Fighter IV Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

I would try and break down the combo into smaller parts, like >
and xx fireball xx super

Try to look for video and/or audio clues. A rhytm if you so will. It’s mostly muscle memory related anyway so just keep at it (expect it to take time to get down consistently, though).

If you’re interested in frame data, here’s a pretty good collection: Street Fighter IV Frame Data - PRIMA Official Game Strategy
It may or may not be helpful for you this soon, but if you’re like me, I’m sure you might find it interesting.

Good luck.


Trying to do the entire thing isn’t going to help you learn the timing. You’ll probably have to come back to it at a later date once you’ve gotten used to the character and his link timing.

I’d start trying,, during matches. Once you get that timing down you’ll realize the rest is easy.


Thanks for the advice guys. I’m enjoying the game but the competition is a lot tougher than I expected online. I’m worse than free, they would have to pay someone to take me lol. Oh well, once I know what they know it will be different.