Help with loosening my wrist


i play on a sfxt pro fightstick and i use the wine glass (stick goes between the pinky and ring finger) method to hold the joystick. it seems that i can do all the motions just fine; however, i struggle when it comes to canceling into supers. i have these particular issues, dp from crouch position, or canceling ryu’s c. mk into super; fadc into ultra 1 from player 1 side; dp motion from player 2 side; hcf motion from player one side. ive noticed that my wrist doesnt allow me to be a smooth as i want to be. i tried different ways of holding and this is the most comfortable I’ve been able to be. perhaps i should switch to a octo or circle gate? i play sf4 and sf33s. i can do them slowly, and i have much better control when i slide the joystick down to my finger tips, but i lose my grip very quickly. i don’t know what to do? have anyone else experience these issues? is it my wrist? if anyone can help, it would be great.


this may seem counter productive, but it worked for me, but try playing using your wrist as little as possible, and by that i mean not at all and just try playing using your whole arm for doing movements, then start adding in flicks of the wrist, then over time you will start to find a smooth motion between the two and you should have no problem executing most things


Use whatever grip allows you perform at your absolute best. It seems like putting your finger tips on the stick seem to give you better control, therefore you should use it. The “wine glass” grip is designed to allow your entire hand, all 5 fingers, and your wrist, to give equal amount of control to the joystick, so in that sense, it’s a very balanced grip. However, this grip isn’t meant for all players, so you should find a happy balance between comfort and utility. Switching to a different gate won’t help your situation imo. Swapping gates might fine tune your execution issues, but they certainly won’t help you DP from either side with anymore consistency.

Side note: I have no idea why people continue to call it the ‘wine glass’ grip. No sane person would hold a wine glass in that fashion.


Stretching exercises. Do them in between games (on loading screens, etcetera).

Practice doing motions smoothly and slowly, and the speed will come gradually with time. Don’t focus on speed.

I still recommend the wineglass hold, you want to be able to move the controller with as little motion as possible so that you can do things faster. If something else works better for you, great. Daigo uses it for a reason though.

Don’t mash it out, you make bad habits.


thank you everyone for some very useful advices. ill be sure to keep at it. again, thanks everyone for helping me.


I have a similar problem. When the opponent is on the right, doing the z motion is hard to do for me. My wrist is too stiff, like I tighten it up and use my whole arm to so the motion and screw it up a lot. I just practice in training mode doing the motion slowly. Then in matches i start to stress and do it to fast and my wrist stiffens up. Just more practice for me.


Ill switch between an arcade stick and controller depending on who I feel like using. I use the stick when using zangief and Hugo for circle motions. Then the controller for ryu or ogre in sfxt.


99% sure you just haven’t practiced enough but I will say…

-switching gates is no magic bullet but is an oft touted potential solution for the desperate. you should be able to play on either square or octo imo

-I’ve had trouble getting my best execution in particularly cold environments cause it causes me hand to be less loose, so I second the wrist/hand stretches. I’ve even considered getting fingerless gloves for this reason, similar to how marvel2 players would use those gloves, might be worth checking out?