Help with Madcatz 4716 Neutralize Triggers Issue



I have a Late Madcatz 4716 PCB trying to wire to some Happ parts for my custom joystick.

The buttons work fine when im in the Xbox 360 home menu although my RT and LT keep sticking. I have done the 10k Resistor mod to my triggers, 2 10k for each trigger, bridging the Low Wiper and High. But it seems they are being held down, and when i launch MvC3, my character immediate switches to the next, and im constantly crouching and no other buttons will work. Ive searched the thread almost about everything and couldnt get a for sure answer on which is the correct way to neutralize these triggers or if your only supposed to bridge the low and high with the resistor. Also when i plug my controller into the computer and check out whats going on, it says the analog sticks are being moved… dunno if thats being caused by the triggers not being neutralized properly because people have said it makes your controller do crazy things.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me or send me a message over AIM

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AIM - tigerarmytrey

Thank You!


Can you post photos of your Xbox 360 PCB, maybe our eyes will catch something you could have missed.