Help with Mag Strats

Hi can anyone help me out. If someone can plz post some of Magz most feared GuardBreaks, Combos, cross-ups, resets, And explain how to do them. If you are abbriviating any words plz explain before hand. And if you have or can make vidz of these can U tell me were to get them or send them to me. Thanx.

i have a video of me demonstrating the rom infinite

umm… basics on magneto??
first thing’s first. he’s not a beginner’s character. he’s probably the hardest of the four titans. but… since you insist

learn 5 things to start out with (imo, in order)

  1. tri jumping
  2. zoning (i’ll get into this in a second)
  3. rom infinite
  4. unmashable tempests
  5. resets

once you have those five basic principles down, you’re set to fly with magneto.

basic terms:
hp = high punch… lk = low kick… get the idea?
sj = super jump… j = jump… c = crouch… d= down… get teh idea?

  1. tri jumping-
    this is vital to magneto’s rushdown. what it is, is quickly cancelling a super jump or normal jump (more preferred since there’s no splash and it’s a little bit faster), with a air dash down or downforwards + an attack. d+lk and hk are the best attacks to learn to use with it.

  2. zoning -
    magneto’s zoning game is the most important thing to rushing. after all, if u can’t zone your opponent, you’ll be unable to catch them, thus can’t rush them down. using sj.hp’s and handling your assists well (psylocke anti air, sentinel projectile, or storm projectile are probably three of his better assists, followed up by tron, rocks, blehh…) dashing is important to since it helps getting in quickly. just make sure you watch yourself. magneto’s no midget.

  3. rom -
    there’s a whole thread, plus i linked you to a video

  4. unmashable tempests-
    since u can easily mash tempest, getting unmashables are vital to doing some major hyper damage (not that he actually needs a meter to kill off an entire team). all of these involve the use of an assist. example - psylocke anti air… chp (crouching high punch), sj, hk, addf (air dash down forwards), lk, lk, land, + call psylocke, lk, tempest. after teh second lk hits, psylocke hits them up, and tehy land back down into tempest. simple idea, just toy with different assists and you’ll get a few in no time.

  5. resets -
    this is the way magneto kills with no meters.

check out the goforbroke hub on direct connect, or im me on aim: xxilaylomoixx if you want a reset video

reset - breaking a combo so the buffer ends, and you deal alot more damage… aka funeral.

thank you hadoken king i needed shit like this for my magz cuz i just started and hes getting pretty slick lol late man

Well he didn’t include guard breaks, so i’ll include 2 that I use:
super jump up,, pause, addf,,, whatever (rom, reset, etc)

call psy-AAA, c.HP, or whatever you want.
I prefer this second one which I found out myself, but it’s a lot harder to time. Basically you want them to block psy’s attack just when psy has ended the attack and when they just entered the screen. This gives a big window as to see what happens (as in did they block or they get hit). I prefer this one because after a while of the first guardbreak I mentioned or any other variation the opponent tends to mash out attacks before they come in to trade hits so they can’t guard break. This second method works in all circustances except storms air dash, etc. If he tries to attack he’ll eat the assist and you can launch or ROM, and if he blocks you can guard break him

another guard break i always used, that is guarenteed, but harder is:, slight pause, hk, ad df, lk, mk…whatever you please.

that guard break ^ right there is guarenteed, wheather the opponent blocks or takes the hit. the pause is the only thing you need to time sharp, if the opponent blocks, the pause should be so that the hk will miss, then you cancel it right after it does. if the opponent takes it, then the lk will hit them up, and the hk will connect.

that wont work if the lk hits because it will cause fly screen and tehy fall to the ground nearly instantly.

my personal favorite guardbreak would have to be…

sj, lk, addf (under them), hypergrav + psylocke.

it’s escapable if you take the, but they’re forced to block hg and psylocke, which gives you a nice amount of time to get over and reset them upon falling. since tehy blocked once, you don’t have to worry about them attacking you on the way down

another gb i commonly use is, addf under, lk, lk. this one, if they take the hk, you can continue the rom straight from it, just make sure you know the first rep will be a lot faster than the normal reps

It doesn’t cause flying screen because they are in normal jump mode, tr yit in practice.

hmm… i’ll check it out eventually. i don’t have the game anymore

but what if the opponent tries to attack you while he’s coming in and your trying to attack him? There’s a chance you’ll trade hits or he’ll overprioritze you with his attack.

true, just try to get the before their sprite appears in the screen.

hmmm… i’m not sure about this. Does that mean that if the sprite hasn’t entered the screen you can attack the sprite but he can’t attack or block? if that’s true, then there would be no use for a guard break… everyone would start doing a super or infinte straight away, so I don’t think you can actually connect a hit before the opponent is allowed to do an action

No, he means that you throw out the before you actually see the other sprite - you’ll hit him even though he’s not actually there yet. He can block and attack you back, but that lk has good priority, so it beats out most things.

And yes, rh, ad.df lk lk does work as a guardbreak. [which I can’t do half the time, need to get my fucking stick back and start playing again]

it doesn’t cause fs because you need at least 2 hits done in the air before a fierce hits to cause it, i.e. if they take the hit and you do,,, it will cause fs, but, won’t because it’s only 1 hit before the hk.

jake, thank you for pointing out the obvious. i said it will cause it beacause the lk hits first then the hk does, thus having two hits. i was proven wrong, but not in the same manner as the complete obvious you pointed out. i wasn’t aware that in the case where both characters are in NJ mode, it will not cause fly screen. read the WHOLE truth before you comment, kthx

I need help against Cable/Capcom, and I play MSP. I can’t seem to get in. If I dash in, he does a Does Magneto’s c.hp beat out Cable’s When I superjump and dash forward I get hit by Cable’s gun, so I’m forced to superjump alll the way up high, and then I really have nothing to do when I land.


no it doesn’t.

if you’re going to play MSP, to fight taht combo EASILY… bait commando out with STORM… dash in, bait it, cancel with a crouching block, call psylocke (if he does, it’ll beat out both commando and cable). from there just air combo into a super, DHC to tempest. easiest way to beat out a scrubby combination. magneto will have a hard time beating that team though.

is it just cable/capcom or are you playing against team scrub? if its against cable/cap then look for the delays. see when capcoms called, and work off that. if your opponents overprotective, he’ll call commando when he even THINKS you might consider trying to think about going for any rush at all, then just call him in the open. watch cable, if he nj. vb’s or nade…get your ass in there cuz thats the opening you want. tie up commando with storm since he gets hexed by typhoon or cyke or rocks. super jumping can work but i dont like to, since when i sj i block commando then air dash, cable just runs under me and i play chase again.

cab/sents a different story, i think its the bigger of the 2 evils. drones = rush killer since they provide both covers. if you air dash down onto cable, drones cover his head. if you dash in from screen length drones come to you. best chance is calling psy to eat the drones for mag and maybe exchange with sent so hes stopped for a second which can be crucial in this game.

under no circumstance ever should you call psy at full screen length, cable is an assist destroyer. with 3 meters if you call psy and cable puts mag/storm in blockstun, thats game. im kinda scrubby tho so flame me at will hehe

cable / sent >>>>>> MSP