Help with magneto combo

Can somebody please tell me in detail how to do the air combo with the magnetic tempest?
This is what I do: Launch, 1,2,3,4XXmagnetic grabXXmagnetic tempest
I can’t seem to grab them with the magnetic grab, how do you guys do it? does it require timing? please help me, thanx in advance

i have the same problem, the only time it seems to work is if i launch off a current magnetic grab or something

I either do it to slow or too fast. I would like to know the timing in this

after the last mk, do hypergrab and as soon as it comes out, you should super. kind of have to anticipate. takes some getting used.

yes. don’t expect to do Hyper Grav and wait for it to connect before you Tempest. You’ve got to cancel the Hyper Grav immediately, because the the Tempest itself eats some frames to allow the Hyper Grav to connect.

<3, hope that helps,


when u do the air combo, 1234, right as soon as you hit the mk, just do the hyper grav quickly, and follow up with the tempest as if you ‘think’ or ‘know’ that the hyper grav connected. this may take a long time to practice even if it sounds easy, it’s not. once u perfect it, it becomes natural.

and if it doesn’t connect or if you have a feeling it doesn’t. “If your playing MSP”, connect it with storm hail storm… i don’t know that word to take that place, was it DHC i forgot

thanks everybody for replying