Help with making a custom arcade stick!


I’d really like to make a custom arcade stick, but am totally new to most of this, so, help please! >_<;

This will be for a PS3. Unless of course, there’s a way for it to work on both a PS3 and a 360.

I know I’d like a Sanwa Octo-Gate stick, I’ve had problems with square gated stick before. Iit’s the buttons that I’m really wondering about. I figure I’d want convex Seimitsu buttons, because I’d like them to be backlit with LED’s. I have no idea if that’s even the right style button or anything. I’d want the Start button to be white, the Select button to be Black, and the home/guide button to be orange. Light Punch/Kick would be Red, Mid Punch/Kick would be Green, Heavy Punch/Kick would be purple.

With LED lit buttons, are the lights on all the time? Or just when you push the button? Because I’m looking for them to light up when I hit the button.

Help a newbie out?


For sure.

Dual Mod for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Done with ChImp or Cthulhu and Imp or Cthulhu and DPDT Switch for PlayStation 3 side.

Done with Mad Catz Retro Arcade or Mad Catz #4716 or Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad for Xbox 360 side.

LED Buttons.


Oh wow, mmk. I sent this out to a few friends, ones who are good with electronics and such. I don’t think we’re gonna be able work that out at all. >_<

Well, alright, anyone know any good places to order a custom stick? I have a decent fund to work with right now.


There is so much fun in doing it yourself, it really is worth giving it a shot.
Also, while most of what you’ve read in those links JDM has posted seems overly involved, it really isn’t as bad as it first seems.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while custom sticks aren’t that much more expensive then a TE for example, a commissioned custom is very VERY expensive. Something to keep in mind.