Help with making custom xbox 360 hori arcade stick


so bassically i am complete and utter noob when it comes to arcade sticks but bassically i want to buy a xbox 360 hori arcade stick and replace the stick, buttons and the blank surface. im going to replace these with pink or red arcade stick and buttons which must be good and not crappy :stuck_out_tongue: and a street fighter 4 surface (preferably the ryu and ken artwork which ive seen on a few custom arcade sticks). i have no idea where to buy these custom parts, how i make sure their not crappy, how much they cost and how to make all of this.

so please if anyone could help me out i would be really gratefull. plus keep in mind i live in the uk so i need to buy these things from a seller who will ship to the uk.



Thanks but i still dont know hot to do replace all this stuff, ive searched for tutorials but theres none that can help me :frowning:


Did a SEARCH and look at the first hit it came up with:

also a video tutorial:


:sweat: sorry! lol i didnt see that.