Help with match ups



Hi there, I’ve been following this forum for some time, and it’s been helping me loads.

However, I’m still having real trouble with certain matchups, and was hoping you could offer some advice.

Deejay: I find this matchup very hard indeed. What I have most trouble with is punishing his specials, and getting out poked, so advice for this would be great. When I get a knockdown I tend to mix it up between meaty low and tatsu, but I find the neutral game very tough even against less skilled players. He also has monstrous anti airs, and his jump ins tend to trade or stuff cr hp.

Bison: Seriously, this guy pisses me off. I think my issue is that I don’t really understand Bison in general, and what I’m supposed to be doing against him. I also find that meaty tatsu doesn’t stuff ex psycho in the way it’s supposed to.

Edit: Sorry, meant to say thanks in advance, but my cat typed “r45t” and managed to post the message.