Help With Melty Blood Stick Art

I’m planning to order a custom stick from Finkle shortly, so I sat down to create some stick art today and over a few hours proved to myself that I am not a graphic artist.

What I’m most dissatisfied with is the cut-off piece of White Len’s coat on the left (it was cut off in the pic I got it from), and less majorly the fact that she seems to only have one leg.

Here’s the PSD file, which includes several different images I played with, but set invisible in order to try other stuff. Also, here is the font file I used for the “Esker” text in the bottom-right.

My original intent was something like this. I was going to try to extend the glow/fade/whatever effect over to the right side of the stick, but I fail too hard to manage it. Not sure now if it would look good anyways - too much nothing on the right.

I would very much appreciate it if someone with more skill and talent than myself were to give me some sound advice.

Thanks. :smiley:

EDIT: Here’s a version of the White Len artwork that has more of the coat attached, but my skills are not good enough to cut it out of the rest of the image… My new PhotoBucket account also has a few other pics I used as source material.

IMO the leg wasn’t cut off, it’s bent backwards under her dress, with her foot right close to her ass, if you see what I mean. Hence why you can’t see it.

Good luck with this, good work 'till now.

Yeah, that’s why I said “less majorly”. I understand where her leg is, just sometimes I look at it and the lack of second visible leg throws me off slightly. Maybe it’s only because I’m trying to be as critical of my own work as possible. shrug

Thanks for the kind words, by the way. :slight_smile:

Here’s my Version Two, after another few hours of playing around:

PSD version.

I still think it’s not quite there. The sprite-bar-thing on the left looked okay when I had the overlap and top and bottom as black, but since I’ll be getting a white case I figured I should change them in the PSD. Now the sprite-bar-thing doesn’t quite seem right. Plus the spacing between sprites seems off.

…I dunno. I think I actually preferred the version in the OP. Seems like nothing I do with it actually changes it from merely “acceptable” to “good”. :frowning:

EDIT: I made a couple of minor edits that I haven’t uploaded, taking out some left-over background bits in the sprites and shifting the second-from-bottom middle one up a tiny bit.

just wondering, is the button and joystick layout accurate? im asking this because i’ve wanted to work on stick art, but dont know the dimensions or anything.

i’ll try and see what i can do with your stick art once i get PS on my computer.

The layout I got from a template posted somewhere in the depths of Finkle’s thread. I know the overall dimensions are correct (Letter paper size), and I’m reasonably certain that the hole locations are correct. Of course, this applies only to Finkle’s custom sticks, and he can move the holes around to fit basically any layout you want so it’s somewhat of a moot point.

Here’s the template for you if you want it (rotated 270 from the one I found in the thread, but no other alterations):

It looks nice. Mainly because it’s White Len.

White Len FTW (though I’m better with regular Len to be honest).

That’s one evil looking Loli.

nice i love white ren<3 im in the same boat i would want someone to draw an ultra hot Sion for stick art for me…anybody able to do that?