Help with MIC and Power (separate questions)


i’ve been trying to search the forums for info on these two questions but i can’t seem to find any info.

1 - i have a nuby tech sf:a stick that i put a madcatz retro pcb into. i’m having problems with power. is there a switch i can put in that would allow either one of the pcbs to be powered at once? (i kept the original pcb in it so it’s still compatible with ps2/xbox)

2 - mic: i got an extension cable for the mic but everytime i plug it in it registers as having a mic plugged in even when i only have the extension plugged in. i remember reading a thread on this somewhere but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Sidenote: i know that the MS wireless mic is awesome and i do use it with my wireless arcade stick with no issues. however; due to the fact that i pretty much bought the first run of the wireless mic when it was released - it has a slew of problems. namely - almost no compatibility with third party controllers (it doesn’t work with any madcatz controllers that i have tried it with on (atleast 7 different madcatz pcb’s)).

thank you forum people :slight_smile:




right, I can’t help much but thought I’ll reply anyway… regarding question 1. I believe for dual PCB setups where it is all wired up together then it is required to power both at the same time even though only one is being used… prob best to ask this question/post about your problems in the 2 PCB’s in one stick - Possible? if you haven’t already.

To your 2nd question, the extension being plugged into the controller shorts an extra pin that tells the system that a headset is plugged in, and short of soldering a new socket you’ll prob have to live with it unfortunately…


The other possbility for the MIC is to add a switch for specifically saying to the PCB that speaker jack is inserted or not. Check a thread called “headset 360” or something, I posted a link to a pinout of the headset port, you have to short 2 points there.


i’ll search for those threads.

i was wondering why the madcatz retro stick has something like 6 pins when a mic/stereo jack only has 3. soldering is no problem as i’ve done lots of mic and headset mods for other types of electronics - just never on a 360 pad.

thanks for the reply fellas.


Have a look at this: Pinout headset port on the wired/wireless controller @ xbox-scene


I was wondering this same thing. I just took the extension cable for the rock band guitar/drums and put that in. but its always detected as on and in the lobby the mics always shaking. if I plug it in then unplug it, it stops shaking, but then when i plug it in i get audio over the tv and sometimes in the headset, but they hear me fine.


is it possible to wire up an extension to just MIC/GROUND/SPEAKER and have a working MIC hack?


if you mean solder the extension’s wires straight on to the controller PCB then yes…