Help with mod


Hey guys, im new to the forums. I got a fightstick recently and found out i really really suck with the joystick, haha. I was wondering if anyones ever tried modding directional keys onto the pad such as the WASD on the keyboard? this is the fightstick i got. Any info would be helpful, thanks =]


Sanwa OBSF-24KK


thank you!


I thought this was a cool idea for someone that would like to have the PC style controls.

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lazeeya made that, his thread is over in the trading forums, but he hasn’t been on in months and owes a lot of people money and sticks. like $4000 a lot.


Oh wow. That stinks.
Here’s a link to that thread featuring the controller with the PC button layout and Rose artwork.


You unfortunately have the wrong case for that type of mod. I would cut a steel metal panel with a grinder or multimaster, and then cut out the square holes with a diamond dremel wheel. Then get a hole saw for the buttons.

Because of the SE’s slant, you can’t easily do this.