Help with modded Hori stick art

Hi there!

I have a modded Hori SCII stick for PS2, and I want to put some art on it, but I don’t know how to protect it; lexan/plexiglass is out of the question, as the surface where the buttons are is at the same level than the edge of the surface, so I can’t put that on it, or I’ll be scraping my wrists all day, and cutting yourself with your own stick while playing is just sad and miserable.

Someone once mentioned me about laminated art; what’s this process about? I think it might be somewhat expensive and it might not be even available in my country, but still, I’d like to know all the options that I might have.

Also suggestions on how to protect the metal sheet where the buttons go from rust will be appreciated, I had to remove the rust it had from before by letting it rest for a whole night submerged in Coca-Cola, and after that, I trying painting it with enamel, but it started “melting” in the places where I rest my hands in my stick after a couple of days, and it can be scraped off with the nails, so that suggests that the adherence is really bad. Can it be that the paint was expired? I used the last traces of a spray can that I found lying around.

Thanks for the help!

Kinkos, lamilabel for the art. As for the rust, would say rustoleom for an auto store or you could try fingernail polish.

I know they have a few Fedexes in Chile, but do they have Kinko’s? If not, I suggest finding a local print shop somewhere and seeing if they can make you an art sticker or something similar to a lami label.

No Kinko’s around here, I’ll ask in the print shops I know, but knowing how are those around here, it will probably cost an eye and a kidney. How much does this process costs in the US, to have a reference value? About the metallic sheet, I’ll try fingernail polish, it will lat least help to remove the layer of enamel and to provide a cleaner surface.

For my Tekken 5 stick it cost me $8+

Ok, will check if there’s any servicelike that around here; I really hope so, even if expensive, but I don’t think I’ll find something like that :(. I’ll let you know anyways, thanks1