Help with Modding a Hori SCV Stick (Xbox 360)


Hi Guys,
I recently bought a Hori SCV stick for the xbox 360, but it came with a square gate.
I tried it out for a week, but the square movement is really hard to get used to.
I was wondering what brand of octagonal gate I should get to replace it with.
Much thanks!
(Edit square gate, sorry for the confusion!)


I didn’t even know they made hexagonal gates. The one I got came with a square gate.

Anyhow, the Hori SCV uses Sanwa parts, so I would keep that up and get a Sanwa Octagonal.

Or if you just want the insert itself…


Are you sure it’s a hexagonal? You’re not mistaking it with an Square Gate?


Ahhh Sorry bout that, I thought I meant to say square.


The restrictor gate is sold out atm D:
How would modding differ between the gate and the insert?


The difference being, you use your own gate and just pop out the insert, and pop in the new one. It’s very simple to do, as is illustrated on FocusAttack.



The order has been placed.
Thank you so much!


No problem. I’m going through the same thing right now myself, so I’m just happy to pay it forward.