Help with modding controllers for xbox!

ok so i have a xbox standard controller and a marvel fighitng pad i was wondering to mod these controllers could i use the torx t8 screw driver on both to get the screws out??? and could i take the thumb stick out the fighting pad and put a d-pad in it???

Not sure about your first question, since I was under the impression that they both used philips head screws, but I could be wrong on that.

To answer your second question, as Darksakul says all the time: anything can be modded if you have right tools and skillset. The second thing to consider in this case is, assuming you have the tools and skillset, if the end result is worthwhile for the work put into it. And in your case, it’s most likely NOT worthwhile.

agreed. I seen mods that swap the left thumb stick and d-pad around before, and I tell you it is not easy or cheap.

Major Soldering and desodering skills.
Model working skills, and I don’t mean building a Perfect grade Wing Zero Gundam, I mean custom modding a Gundam kit to look like good Optimums Prime.
Paint skills, to hide the epoxy when you are done

Be prepared to sacrifice multiple controllers for this mod, have some epoxy handy because you be brushing up on some mad model building skills.
You need a donor d-pad cross and part of a casing from another pad, and a donor piece that goes on the outside the analog stick from another case.
And that is just the physical case. For the electronics, you have to know what to cut on the original PCB and have some pref board ready.

For the cost of this project you might be better off just getting the Mad Catz MLG Pro pad instead.

ok thanks for the help guys…