Help with modding Madcatz SE into hitbox

I’m a total newbie as far as modding goes, and I’m trying to turn my Madcatz SE into a hitbox. I have all the materials I need, but I have two problems.

  1. I cannot seem to remove the plastic cover on the top. This sounds stupid, but how do you remove it?
  2. What order of the wires for the directional buttons? for example: ground, down, right, left, up

Sorry if these have been answered already (of course they have), I couldn’t find an answer. Thanks i advance.

Okay, I managed to get the art off. Still need info on the directions.

Although the Mad Catz wire harness is all black, this image is still a good refrance image for what wire is what direction. Each Diagram is viewing the top panel from underneath.
Your Stick is more than likely the top diagram. The Black wire in the above image is a ground.

You still need a custom panel if you want to make a SE into a hitbox.
Try this thread for a replacement panel.
Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels(Madcatz, Hori, Qanba, Customs, and More)

I have the replacement panel, and I’m trying to plug in the directional buttons. I have a harness already, so I’m not using the joystick harness.

Still I figured this would be a point of refrance for you.
You know what the pin out is on the original harness, you can trace the wires back to the correct points on the original PCB contacts.

Also here are the actual button mapping on an offical PS3 Hitbox.

If your new harness has a daisy-chained ground wire, you can always plug it into your console/computer and touch the ground to the remaining four wires to map the directions yourself.

its not hard. I also have one of those replacements for my SE(brawl) Just remove the joystick wire harness that is currently in place and plug in the wire harness you got from blk then plug the qds into each button. the direction is written on the pcb. the wire that is daisy chained is the ground and you just need one of those in each button