HELP! With modding my Mayflash Arcade Stick


Hello all!

I am here to seek some help on modding my Mayflash arcade stick. I bought this stick a year ago and enjoyed it until the buttons and joystick became unresponsive, so then proceeded in buying a Sanwa JLF stick and buttons. So far, I have been able to solder the buttons and they work successfully. Then when I tried to solder the JLF stick onto the PCB (see picture below; I desoldered it), the PCB starts to overheat and my computer does not recognize the Mayflash Arcade stick.

If you see in the picture (on the right), the white connectors (whatever they’re called) are gone. I was wondering if I am “screwed” or not when trying to solder the joystick to the PCB? :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:


2009 Mayflash is not Common Ground.
Cannot do the Joystick like how you are doing.

Remove the JLF PCB and solder directly to Microswitches like how you did.
Or cut the Ground Trace of the JLF PCB and solder directly to Microwitches like how you did.

But if by now your PC does not recognize the Mayflash, I’m to say it is dead from overheat. :sad:
A lot of people do not realize the 2009 Mayflash is not Common Ground, and proceed to mod like you did.


I did cut the Ground Trace of the JLF PCB and solder directly to Microwitches. However, my PCB is not recognized and heats up when I solder the microswitches onto the PCB. But when I desolder it, it recognizes it and I can test the buttons.

There’s gotta be a way, right?


How much did you cut the Trace?
It has to be deep, and on all corners of the JLF PCB.
It is better if the whole PCB is desoldered and thrown away.


I cut the traces on the JLF pcb very deep.

Also you want me to throw away which PCB?


What about the top-right part of the PCB (where all the wires for the directions are)? I took out the white connectors.


Oops, I meant the JLF PCB to be disposed.
Without seeing an actual picture of your cut Ground Trace, I say you didn’t do enough.

Your wires are stripped too much also.
Too much is danger for short circuit.
Only 2mm is need to be exposed.


Can you possibly upload a picture of how much should be cut?

Also what is your email? I use gmail and can do IM…

email me later in the day. Off to bed for me.


This is how I cut my JLF PCB.


You did not go from edge to edge.
Just desolder and throw away PCB.


okay… Thanks for your help.