Help with modding sf4 CE stick


Hey just got my first stick saw going for £40 so picked it up and trying to learn it. It’s for 360 but mainly ps3 player so kinda half heartedly practicing on pc but i feel I’d get a lot more done with it on Ps3. I naturally looked into dual modding but i’m very confused as to what i can use with this model. I see a lot about the TE sticks but unfortunately i didn’t realise this wasn’t TE till got home Collector edition threw me off. Also a few things are discontinued so i originally wanted to go with cerebus cause sounds badass but problem with shipping and availability i’m now in bit dark for what to do. Should i just save myself hussle and wait till i can find a Ps3 TE stick for same price?
Did want to add the silencers too but i don’t think that too difficult.


The SE (Or CE), only differs from the original TE in form factor and hardware, but the PCB is the same for the SE and round 1 and a few round 2 sticks, as well as the MVC sticks. The problem with the Cerberus is that it is meant for easy mounting with the TE-S PCBs and is not compatible with the SE.

Now if you want a dual mod I’d recommend using toodles’ ChImp, it’s very straight forward and relatively easy/solderless install. You will need a USB A-B cable as well for this. look at for an order page.
Alternatively you could order a PS360+ from various resellers here:

If you want just a PS3 stick then you could order a Cthulu from Toodles.


Thank you very much I’m looking now for the ChImp as site you linked is in US and i live in the UK. I’m assuming its the ChImp Smd as that one i saw.

I like to play old skool games like 3rd strike and mvc2 on the ps3 does that mean i need a pcb that will work with ps2 or is it still considered ps3?


If it’s on PS3 it should be fine since your playing PSN games (hopefully). I think it was ps2 games through backwards compatibility and psn classics that could give you problems.