Help with modding tekken 6 stick

I recently started on replacing the parts of my Hori Tekken 6 arcade stick and while working on it I accidentally broke off one of the parts where the buttons and PCB board connect. Is it repairable or will I have to get a new PCB? If it comes to me having to buy a new PCB is it possible to replace the current PCB with the same one or is there somewhere I can get a replacement PCB for a decent price.

this is the part that broke off

You could solder some wire leads to the traces where it broke and solder those directly to the buttons or do quick disconnects if you wanted. Just look to where the part broke and there should be 2 traces that led to where the button soldered too. I would make sure you hot glue or tape down the wires you solder to the board so they don’t lift the traces at all. It is a pain to keep soldering to traces but it is do able. Not to sure if you can even find a replacement board unless you bought another tekken stick.

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

thanks drewman i’ll try that out hopefully it works and jdm its the PS3 arcade stick.

Then do what drewman21 said.
If it was the Xbox 360 one, you can just throw away the board as it is not needed.

Fail >.< couldn’t get it back together so I guess I have to buy a new PCB. Any recommendations for a good dual PCB?

Can you solder?

If so the Paewang revolution would work for you, although waiting for the PS360+ would be wise at this point, and you could just use a temporary padhack for one console until the newer PS360 PCB is released.

That corner of the chip doesn’t even look like it has leads on it, have you tried it? That looks cosmetic from the photo.

If it has leads on it Wood Glue + Clamp run a wire and solder to connect the paths that’s all you can do.

Take this as a sign to mod it.

been thinking about that d3v but i’m not sure on how to mod it :frowning: and jimbo the picture was taken before i tried what drewman said

it really isn’t that hard to mod it, its just time consuming
if you want a dual pcb, use a ps360
but good luck finding that.

i did mod a t6 like that.
let me find the link for you

thanks mortified. i was planning on doing a solderless mod since i’m horrible at soldering but still willing to do any kind of mod to get my stick working again

then there’s a problem, you’re going to have to solder to access the home buttons

thanks mortified but i’m confused as hell lol just looking at what you did makes my head hurt o_O

I have a some cracks on my PCB also :confused: I found this thread after making one of my own. If anyone could help me, that would be nice :slight_smile:

I need help I want to padhack a Xbox One PCB into this thing any help would be greatly appreciated I have the 360 version of this fightstick