Help with MvC3 & Fight Stick

I picked up MvC3 a little after it came out and played with the PS3 gamepad.

A couple months ago I picked up SSF4(+AE) and my friend let me borrow his fight stick (which, after getting used to it, is awesome).

Because I started MvC3 with a controller, my execution is really bad with a stick so I had a few questions:

I use R2 to air dash but from what I’ve heard from videos and stuff you never used to be able to dash with just one button (in MvC2 I think?). When I see people doing ROM loops and stuff like that are they actually double pressing in a direction or do they use the button? I’m so used to using a button to dash that when I use a stick I have to use the button for dashing or else I dash too slow.

Is there a preferred layout for the buttons? I know it’s all person preference but I wanted to see what other people use. The default button layout is a little weird.

I actually do enjoy playing MvC3 with a gamepad but if I play for a long time my thumb gets calloused, plus the stick is fun to use.

Thanks :smiley:

Most people use two buttons for dashes in MvC2. That R2 button you’re using for dash just pushes more than one button at a time.

For joystick layouts, check out the sticky:

layout for marvel is

S A1A2

You must actually use execution to be dashing.

Most Magneto players in MvC3 dash with 2 buttons for the ROM, Hypergrab loop, and Flight combos. What you do is plink LM~H for your addf H.