Help with my first mod using american parts

i just bought happ competition buttons, and an il eurostick…and i have questions about both. i’m currently trying to mod my street fighter anniversary arcade stick…the default bat top stick that was in it seems a lot more fluid then the il eurostick i just bought. is it because the eurostick needs to be broken in…or are they naturally very stiff bat tops? i was thinking about leaving the default stick in there because it seems better than the il eurostick at this point…any help with that will be greatly appreciated. the buttons i’ve seen how they’re put together, but i must be doing something wrong because when i put them in the case with the micro switches it seems when i press the button down it seems to get stuck a bit…am i putting in the microswitch wrong, or am i not tightening in the button enough, what’s the deal. i’m very new at this, and this is my first project…so any help will be greatly appreciated. also…is there any other program other then photoshop that i can make templates on, because buying a several hundred dollar program to pop out a few 2 dollar templates seems a bit foolish. thanks in advance guys.

You should be abl eto remove teh spring from your old stick and swap it with the spring from the iL stick, which may give it the feel you’re used to. Not sure on the buttons; take pics if you can

The Gimp is free, and you can download it.

I second swapping the joystick spring if you are liking a less stiff spring, since that is what you are used to. Most people get an iL for the sole reason of the hard spring.

As for the buttons, not sure if it is because they are the new happ buttons with new e-switches or if happ has crapified them. I have some 10 year old happs that came with cherry microswitches and ive only had to change 3 of the microswitches. I have a few of the recent Happs with e-switches and I cannot tell the difference in feel.

Occassionally when you pull a button apart it takes a little play for the springs inside to settle. As long as it all clicks it should work.

Also if you screw the buttons in improperly or if they are loose the plungers will get stuck on the nuts, making the buttons stick.