Help With My Hori EX2!


I just got my Hori EX2 Fighting Stick today and I’m surprisingly pleased with it. Although it isn’t the best out there, it was a steal for only 50 bucks. I’ve been a d-pad guy for years now and need some help transitioning over to my fighting stick. Does anyone have tips or know any good sites where I could learn the ropes/basics of using an arcade stick? The Hori EX2 uses a square gate joystick by the way. I appreciate the help!

SFIV & MvC2 are calling my name!!!


Here you are:


I’m going to need this Friday. Thanks for posting this thread. I was too afraid to ask.


Is anyone else out there a lefty? I should pick up the stick easier right? … I’m getting worried.


Just. Practice. Holy. Shit.


Shout out to Token686, that link is awesome. I’m G2-A in SFIV, but it’s going to take me a while to get back to the level of play I’m at with the pad since I’m trying to transition to the stick. Thanks man!


I’m a G1 Dhalsim player. I’m about to get bent over.