Help with my Hori Fighting Stick mini 4 on PC

Hello. First of all i’m not an english guy, so my english is not really good, just i’m trying my best.

The last day i bought the Hori Fighting Stick mini 4. I asked in the shop and they answered me about the compatibility of the stick. He said me that this stick only have drivers to PS4 and PS3. I have readed in diferents webs about drivers to making it work in PC, but i can’t found it. I have tried with x360ce program, the program recognizes the stick and let me set the buttons, but once entered the Street Fighter V seems as if not recognize and can not play with the stick. My computer only detect the Stick in the mode PS4. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks for reading.

Moving to tech talk

Okay, the Hori Fighting Stick mini 4 will work on the PC.
Now the issue is the Hori Fighting Stick mini 4 will not work with the PC version of Street Fighter V.

The PC version of Street Fighter V only accepts Xinput not Dinput, and the PS3/PS4 sticks only do Dinput at this time.
There are sticks that have a separate PC mode that should be Xinput compatible.

If you are using a 3rd party program to map your stick to PC controls it needs to map those controls to Xinput.

Oh, damn. You know if Street Fighter V for PC will accept Dinput in the future? Or if PS3/PS4 sticks will have Xinput maybe in a time? I will try to use a program to make it works, if i can’t i will return the stick to the shop. Thanks.

There are rumors about future updates. Until then, use Xbox360 Controller Emulator or Joy2Key. If you only play PC, then consider getting an Xbox 360 stick.

Don’t know, maybe after their first big update?

Ok, i will try with joy2key. If i can’t make it works i will return the stick and buy one from xbox360. Thanks guys.