Help with my Mad Catz BrawlStick

Hello. Finally i returned my mini fighting stick 4 and i bought the Mad Catz BrawlStick, all is okay, but i have a problem. When i press left goes up, when i press up goes right, when i press right goes down and when i press down goes left. It’s so difficult play with this! How i can fix that? Thanks

Rotate the jlf pcb. Open it up and you’ll see, it’s very easy and requires no tools beyond the screwdriver needed to remove the back panel.

rotate the PCB (under the gate)1/4 turn counterclockwise

Thanks heroes! Time to play hard :wink:

The Brawlstick was a good choice, the case is very solid and accepts good parts without modification. I am still annoyed that Madcatz stopped using that mold in favor of those tiny Alpha sticks.

Mad Catz went cheap this time around. The SE and brawlstick were great lower budget alternatives, the Alpha is just a plastic toy junk.

To add insult to injury, that toy (the alpha) is as expensive as the SE was.

The Mayflash V2 clones are about as perfect as you’d like - minimal soldering internally, great cases, great compatibility. I’m kind of amazed they arent more visible. Everything I wanted from an entry level stick (that I turned into a high-grade stick)