Help with my TE Stick would be much appreciated!



I’ve been playing on my TE stick for ps3 using it on my PC. As i used to play the old sf4 on my PC. But now i just recently purchased a xbox360 so i need help :\

I need to know if there is a way to mod this stick so that it would be compatible to play on my xbox.

Also i’ve been looking for the screws on a TE stick as mine has gone rusty for some reason, is there anywhere i can get them? i tried finding them locally but they said they didnt have one like the one used for my TE stick :frowning:

Im just a casual gamer, im no genius, please explain to me what i need to do :\
hope you guys can help me with this


oh yes and if possible, can we make the stick playable on PC/PS3/Xbox?
thanks a bunch in advance


searching helps but here you go


how the helll did ur screws go rusty son


Everyones TE screws get rusty



Mine didn’t get rusty (had the sfiv te since prior to public release), but they did strip like crazy. I just went to lowes 2 days ago and bought replacements lol.


does anywhere sell the screw replacements? and i dont know how they got rusty. i guess i play quite a bit? lol im not sure


M4 x 12mm.
Get any head style you want.