Help with my team pls



Hey i just started playing with a team i like i’ve mostly just played by throwing doom everywhere i could just f’n around but now i have a team i think i could do well with

My team is Vergil, Doom, Amaterasu and out of all the characters my best is of course commanda foot dive, the lord of latveria himself Doom i can do pretty much everything with him ranging from infintes to swag combos but in this game he is the only character i’ve come the closest to mastering the second best is vergil which is only a day 2 vergil i need to learn more vergil com…well everything lol i need to get use to him and finally my Amaterasu is my worst one of all i haven’t put anytime in to her at all and after i get my vergil to half as good as my doom than i will work on her but for rn she can just stay as my assist character

what i am really asking for is 3 things

  1. a point vergil guide that gives me everything movement, mix-ups, tips, and so on and so forth

  2. some team synergy tips for my vergil/amataerasu combo videos would help

  3. just any tips from people that play this team or main a vergil or amaterasu

if u guys can give me some of those that would be amazing thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day