Help with neutral game plox



hey guys I’ve been playing Spencer for a while but i really wanna tighten up my neutral game with him as much as possible. i use drones and beam but i feel I am relying on it way to much, So hopefully you guys can share some things I don’t know about yet. Thanks in advance!


spencer’s neutral relies onmaking your opponent block while you’re in a position to mixthem up(as is the case with most of the cast) …use your assists to force them to block…for example you can use cr.L cr.M cr. H + beam assist as a block string and then zip forward…learn the timing of when your assists stops being in block stun so you can apply the mixup…whether it be a low/high/command grab…then for example if they block the low properly, use the sameblock string with your other assist and keep the pressure going…spencer with good assists is REALLY hard to deal with for most characters