Help with new AV plz =P


since i’ve watched every episode of Bebop 100 times, i felt as though it’s time to move on; though i am very proud of my current avatar, it would be really nice to have a new look here on SRK.

i was hoping that some1 with AV skills could compose me an avatar that has some screenshot or picture from the movie Scarface, obviously the centerpiece being tony montana. what would be really nice would be him sitting at his desk in front of his pyramid of powder. ~the only catch is that instead of tony’s face, i would like it to be Dr. Victor von Doom’s instead. Yeah i know there are tons of Doom AND scarface AVs, but hey, have you ever seen them combined? :stuck_out_tongue: maybe some animation or flashy stuff w/e!!! Have Fun!!!

any help would be appreciated and i’ll put special thanks on my sig. thanks and god speed!





i got this one. :cool:


its not flashy but i did it…im new to making av’s …if you dont like it you dont half to use it.


sorry about that here’s the right spelling


hey seth and thanks for attempting thur. you did a great job of cropping the face right on tony’s bod!!! the only prollem i can see is that the SF part is black and white (i know most of the shots of that scene are =| ) which makes the AV theme kinda hard to comprehend. maybe we should try looking for a color shot of the desk scene. again, i DO want to use your work, but i also want people to see what we’ve got goin on! gl and lemme know if you’re tired of it =P:p


ok how about this


haha better GJ! now…in your leisure time, maybe you can add some coke shot in thur. but, till then, or if you are sick of montana/doom thx and ima usin it now!:wink:



  you left "A" off of tondashocka...

also the file is an .ART file; how do i format it to .GIF or .JPEG? cuz those are the only ones i can submit for the AV