Help with Nuby Soul Calibur II Arcade Stick

I have the universal (PS2/GC/XB) arcade stick for Soul Calibur II (Nuby) but I don’t have the manual so I have no idea how to program/reprogram it or anything. It appears that the A button (not sure about others) is stuck in turbo mode.


Donkey Kong
Normally if I can run and do a scrolling jump. However, if I try with the arcade stick, I hate A to jump and even though I’m pushing the stick to the right, Mario only jumps straight up. Which makes it impossible to play level 2.

Somebody, please help me. Basically, I can’t use this thing unless I figure out how to fix this. Scans of the manual would be a help, but certainly personal expereince would be best. Thanks.

Lol, I have one of those pieces of trash. I’d really suggest you look into getting a better stick. For now, I did dust mine off a couple of months ago, had a similar issue. I fixed it by some combination of the program and turbo buttons, can’t remember how, but keep messing around with it, that’s about the best I can say. I fixed mine through random shots in the dark.

I’m surprised that I’m having so much trouble finding a scan of the manual.