Help with online play.. (PC)

Hi, is anybody willing to help me work on my game online? When I go through the endless match searches, I usually get people whose PP and BP are significantly higher than mine (0).

I’ve also run through a lot of problems as far as being able to figure out what I’m able to punish (I mainly play Dudley). Is there any way for me to figure these things other than just reading about every single matchup in the game? It makes me feel like people online just throw out move after move and when I try to punish them, they just throw in an EX after their blocked move or a DP and continue pressure. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

Endless matches are not based on skill. They are just lobbies where you may meet up with anyone.

As for your other question, how about you play the game and try to punish things to see if you can punish them if you don’t feel like reading… Or if you know the person is mashing dp after a blocked special, how about y’know… Blocking?

one cannot overcome frame data even when mashing ex moves.
besides studying frame data a good method to test punishing is the training mode and it’s record option.

…we used to do this by playing the game for hours and hours in an environment without variable input delay.

Playing the AI on highest can be a good tool to train the punish that work. The Ai love to random special and such. Just sit and wait for the random shit, and try your moves.
At least no lag here.
After that you 'd better stay 2 hour in arcade mode with challengers on to chain the ranked match / Ai match with only a few goals. A beginner that is concerned by his win rate is stupid in a way.
Recognize the kind of opponent you fight and either train you backdash out of close pressure to avoid throw happy scrubs, or tech throw is the lag isn’t bad. In offense depending on the opponent still, you can focus on approaching safely, read his pattern and try a duck/jump at the right time.

You’ll need an easy Bnb to confirm a hit though. If you score a hit but follow it by stupid mashing buttons your opponent will catch on…

If you are in europe or east coast USA then I will gladly play matches with you and give you advice.

i usually go to training mode and record the AI to make the move that annoys me or just dont know if punishable with my character ,then try everything possible to punish it with every move