Help with P groove and K groove

I know how to parry and just defend but, the most difficult is when I choose blanka or any charge characters, I wanted to parry or just defend and do a super after a parry or just defend, any help, thanks

Parry Super is way easier, than JD super. I play both grooves and have gotten aprry super a bunch of times with Blanka but never got a JD super.

For Parry super:
Youre obviously charging :l: , then you parry the attack, this counts as the first :r: motion so just go :l: :r: + :hp: to complete the command

Its easier to set in training if you have a guy jump in and do a RH at you, then you parry super it.

For JD Super:
You charge :l: , supposedly you’re supposed to let go and bring the stick to neutral, JD the attack then complete the motion for the Super. I should practice this since I never got this out.