Help with Paewang Revolution

Hey guys! First time post here, long time lurker! Now I recently have received a Paewang Revolution PCB, and this is the first time I have used one of these PCBs. Now, I am having a massive issue, and I’m totally stumped. The xbox 360 Won’t recognize the stick at all. It works 100% on my PS3 and on PC.

When I hold down turbo, it is going into 360 mode, the PC recognizes it as a 360 gamepad, and the ps3 gives the “Unknown device” warning when I plug it in, but when I plug in into the 360, no luck. I’ve tested both my USB ports, I have a TE with a Kitty kit in it, and it works just fine on my 360.

Any and all help with be highly appreciated! Thank guys in advanced.

You are not using any usb hubs are you?

Nope, going directly to the console.