Help With Paint Shop Pro 8!

Hello, all who cared to see my message. I am Eklipse Shadow, owner of a Paint Shop Pro 8 program. I created this thread in hopes to gain the attention of others, mostly people with the same program as I do. And I hope those people can help me learn how to make great graphics (avatars, signatures, banners, etc). I already tried looking up tutorials, but most of the tutorials are based on Photo Shop or other versions of Paint Shop Pro. So can somebody either guide me through the process of making a good, solid, okay avatar with Paint Shop Pro 8? Or you can just point out some good sites to go to. Please, I really need it! I just got the program yesterday, and the least I can do is use it instead of just looking at it’s “prettiness”.

Just a little bump won’t hurt. :slight_smile:

i prefer photoshop over psp but hey,work what you have to work with :slight_smile:

click here for some psp8 tutorials

I have that in my Favorites. Yep, that’s a good place to go. But I’m looking for stuff like the tutorials for Photoshop. Man, do I really want to trade back my Paint Shop Pro for my $90. This makes me want to buy a Photoshop program. Oh well. :o

EDIT - I’m going to sleep. If anybody else has any suggestions, I’ll be more than happy to take them. Same with the tutorials. If you find any, please post the url to the site here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

heh, this is buys his stuff

That didn’t make sense. :confused:

he meant to say “heh, this guy buys his stuff”

but anyway,i think you shouldve gotten photoshop, there aren’t many good tutorials on paint shop pro

You think I could find this Photoshop in Best Buy?

I could send mine to you.

just get the demo of photoshop

Athanasy - That would be great! But I’m currently in the process of moving. I’m moving to Greenville Texas, but once we get there (June 29th), we’re dropping off our stuff at a relative’s house and we’re leaving for Blue Knob, Pennsylvania. So I probably wouldn’t want you to mail it until sometime in July. That sucks!

GigAHertZ - The demo? Where can I get it?

Well man if you don’t get it until then, My offer is always open.

Really! Thanks Athanasy. Where do you live?

Hey, I finally got Photoshop and Imageready! Can somebody walk me through making avatars now? :slight_smile:

Did you not read my Pm i sent you back?

Oh, okay. I gotcha. So you want me to airbrush a background first?

Here’s Step One! This is where I just made a background by using the Air Brush.