Help with parrying normal moves


well, a month ago i started playing 3S and i have already learned to parry almost all the special moves and a few SA… but i got problems to parry a standing HP or MP or normal kicks… Y_Y please if somebody could tell me how to solve this little but important stuff i would really aprecciate…

(i don’t know WHEN to do the parry because it’s hard to me to see the startup frames…)


I don’t know anybody who can parry normals on reaction (excluding the ones with big startup time). Parrying normals up close is mostly guesswork and instinct. Watch your opponents tendencies and attack patterns and form an educated guess. Or just randomly guess, whatever works for you.


excuse me but are you sure? because there are also shoryukens I have problems parry them too… they are too fast or is just me?


[mopreme]Just block.[/mopreme]

But seriously, playing for a month? Don’t worry about parrying normals until you’ve got a feel for what people are ABOUT to do. You can’t wait until they’ve already done something to parry, unless it’s something with huge startup like Streak mentioned.

Perhaps you should spend your time learning to red-parry common chains/multihit specials?


well i’m gonna try… but i dont think it will be too useful is it?